Brownie Group applies information technology to help companies make informed decisions. We unify financial, marketing, sales and product data in multiple formats and locations. We connect decision makers to key data streams in a web application accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

Eli Smith

built this site. His consulting experience as a financial and business analyst led him to fixate on the keys to critical data assets, assets controlled and rationed to various stakeholders by the IT department. He upgraded his tool kit and made it his mission in life to build custom web applications that replace individually maintained Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in production processes.

Data science is the vehicle. Strategy provides the destination coordinates. Eli knows the route, and if you need help, Eli can drive, too.

Eli is volunteer organizer of PyMNtos, a Twin Cities Python user goup with over 2,000 members. He dabbles in full-stack web development, advanced intrusion detection, encryption, machine learning and data mining.

Eli is nuts about mountain biking (and bicycles in general) in summer and cross-country skate skiing in winter.

Source: Myleen Hollero Photography

Open Source

languages make it easier for us to understand each other.

We speak

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • HTML5


rapid development and prototyping.

We speak

  • Metric Dashboard
  • Useful alerts
  • Encrypted storage

Advanced Autopilot

is here now. Applying the same tools and techniques, the self-driving business process captures more data, sees unexpected patterns, and responds in real-time, with fewer mistakes.

We integrate

  • Risk Management
  • Reporting
  • Operations
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Key performance metrics, delivered via the web, that instantly tell a story.



If Napoleon had predicted how many troops would be lost in the advance (thick tan band) toward and retreat (thinner black band) from Russia in 1812, he might have chosen a different tactic. This iconic map by Charles Minart graphs six key statistics Napolean needed in real-time.

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